Both Cole and Gibson were black, as was Orlando Barlow, whose 2003 shooting by a Metro police officer armed with a .223 rifle was followed by the infamous incident in adidas originals which members of that shooter’s unit in the Southwest Area Command took to wearing “BDRT” T shirts. A union representative said the letters stood for “Big Dogs Run Together,” but other officers contended they commemorated the Barlow shooting and stood for “Baby’s Daddy Removal Team.”

Bernard Melekian, head of the Justice Department’s COPS division, told the Review Journal’s editorial board Wednesday “It is never appropriate for officers of any kind to wear T shirts identifying them as a ‘Baby’s Daddy Removal Team.'”He also said the widespread use of such military style weaponry as the .223 caliber rifle “certainly is relevant” to the problems Metro has been having.

The study’s major findings:Las Vegas police shootings of unarmed people are most likely to adidas all black trainers occur during officer initiated stops. The agency should require additional training for officers on the legal parameters of such stops. department’s de escalation training, currently optional, should be required annually.”Tactical errors and fatalities are more prevalent when multiple officers are on the scene.” The department should have more training in multiple officer situations.